Real Ray Tracing

Eingelegte Asphäre im Probenhalter

Ray tracing is an established method of choice in design and simulation of optical components and systems.


Real Ray Tracing is the first implementation of this technique as a real-time metrology method, where it can be used to characterize real lenses, mirrors and freeform surfaces. Nearly all analysis parameters known from software tools, can now be tested at real objects. This opens the door for a sheer unlimited number of possibilities to verify optical components of various kinds, such as: 

  • aspheres for imaging applications,
  • high-precision mirrors,
  • secondary beam-shaping optics for LEDs,
  • progressive addition lenses for eyeglasses,
  • segmented lenses for illumination purposes or
  • complex F-Theta-lenses.

->learn more about the measurement principle in detail.


EasyPrecision-ASPHERE is the first product from a family of devices for the inspection of optical components and systems based on the real ray tracing principle. Its particular focus lies on the inspection of aspherical lenses.